Bringing back the magic

The right side of this beautiful day bed had suffered significant damage from rot in the right arm rest. It was obviously a beautiful piece of furniture and the arm rest had been repaired before. The prior repairs were made with coach screws, which were strong but unsightly. The most charming part of this bench – the wheel and spoke motif that acted as support for the arm rest had broken out and the parts were missing. 

The first order of business was to replicate the wheel rim. Luckily the left side of the day bed was still intact and could be used to model a replacement.  More difficult was remaking the spokes. These turned items were again, modelled on the spokes under the left arm rest. 

Finally, I had to do something about the unsightly coach screws – two of which had rusted and broken off in the wood at odd angles. The screws were coaxed out of the wood and replaced with dowels glued into place. 

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